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Old TV

by Nidrew on 14/DEC/09 | Back to Nidrew's Media

“This TV is the Reason I didn't play my PS3 for months. I could not bare to play Resistance FoM on that little peice of crap LOL.”

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Guitar Hero II

Guitar Hero II (PS2)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Musical Instrument/Band Simulation
Release Date: 07/NOV/06
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How small is that? 15in? Only looks about a few inches bigger then my computer monitor, haha.
Im pretty sure it was a 19 in....went to a 42. sold the 42 and bought the 52 in 120hz Bravia V...My dreams have come true :)
I have a 32in Samsung HDTV, works for me atm, haha.
I noticed your status said something about free EQ2 time? Is it for everyone? I have a 80 something Barb monk.
I dont know...my wife got an email, I did not. but when I fired up station launcher it said 19 days and I reinstalled the game and logged in yesterday.
Station Launcher is nice. you can talk to you friends and not have a subscription.
Cool, I'll check out this Station launcher thing.
Yup, it says 16 days left, awesome. Hmm, it says I only have 8 out of 9 addons..
I have them all...but it says the same thing. I think its because I never bought the adventure pacs...I got them with the RoK expansion.
Was something released after The Shadow Odyssey? That's the latest I have.
No...the next is due out early next year. I will go back to EQ2 if Star Trek online is no good.(But I strongly hope that it is)
EQ2 used to be my favorite MMO, LOTRO is now, but I have some great memories from EQ2.

I've heard it's lost a lot of people, is that true?
Hard to say...All of my regular friends are still playing and the guild I am in is growing very fast. I quit because I didn't like TSO. ROK was much better imo. Maybe the next expantion will be more to my liking.
What server are you on? I'm Gemic on Unrest.
Im on Everfrost.
Grrr! It says it can't launch it, and it wants me to install from the Station Launcher, but the launcher doesn't think I have the latest expansion...

Hmm, guess I'll try it, I already installed it with the discs, but it won't work from that.
Hmm, maybe it only mentions that because it's a bundle, guess I can hope.
Wait..do I just tell the Station Launcher where I installed the game with the discs?
when you start station launcher and click EQ2 it will ask you if want to search for it, download it, and some other stuff. click search for it and it should find the directory quickly. its pretty simple after that.Station Launcher will update as needed.
I couldn't get the Launcher to work, it would keep failing when I tried to update. but I found this streamline launcher for Eq2, that I got to work.
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